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Fortress of the Muslim 13 languages for IOS

 Fortress of the Muslim

حصن المسلم

حصن المسلم (کتاب وسنت سے دعائیں)

Kumpulan Doa Dalam Alquran & Hadits

La citadelle du musulman

قەڵای موسڵمان

Müslümanın Sığınağı-Hısnul-Müslim

پناهگاه مسلمان
Молитвы Из Корана и Сунны
हिस्नुल मुस्लिम

Fortaleza do Muçulmano

La Fortaleza del Musulmán

This is an abridgement that I have abridged from my earlier work entitled "Ath-Thikr wad-Dua wal-Ilaj bir-Ruqa minal-kitab was-Sunnah". I have abridged in it the section on words of remembrance (i.e. dhikr) in order to make it easy to carry in travels.

I have confined to only the text of the words of remembrance. I also have sufficed in referencing it by mentioning only one or two sources from the original work. Whoever would like to know about the Companion or more about the reference information should refer to the original work.

I ask Allah, mighty and glorious, by His beautiful names and by His sublime attributes to make this sincere for his noble countenance and to benefit me with it during my life and after my death and to benefit with it those who read it or print it or is a cause of distributing it. Verily He, glorified is He, is the patron of that and capable of it. May Allah send prayers upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and Companions and whoever follows them in piety until the Day of Judgement.

The Author (Sa`id b. `Ali b. Wahf al-Qahtani)

Safar, 1409H.